Blogospheric Reentry

OK… I have done this once or twice before or at least thought about it (it’s the thought that counts right?) but I have decided to give it another go just because, in the words of Napoleon before he attempted to relocate his croissant factory to the other side of Russia, I think it could be a fun time waster.  I am going to dive headlong into the online world of over-opinion-isation-ism-ness-ness currently referred to by the good folks at home as  blogging.  (Did I just invent a word?)  I’m not really sure if I will have anything to say or why anyone would read it if I did but if say enough odd stuff perhaps future generations can study it in a misguided attempt to figure out what the hell was wrong with humanity.  Not that I want to speak for all of humanity, I just like the idea of messing with future generations.  Aside from that it’s a good way to electronically twiddle my thumbs until we are all enslaved by alien brain slugs.

The more astute of you will have noticed my blog title has something to do with something called a Ninja Chicken.  It just makes reference to a sketch I once wrote which will no doubt never see the light of day again.  It’s nothing to be concerned about.  If you happen to read this please feel free to add a comment letting me know why.

Unless there is a next time.
Goodbye Forever.

Luke Venables
World Champion Gopher Hurdler


One Response to “Blogospheric Reentry”

  1. -I read this because I didn’t get to go help at the Old Folk’s home today; needed to give SOMEthing back to the community!
    -Did Napoleon really try to transport his croissant factory to the other side of Russia?
    I want a croissant.

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