A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything

Do you ever come happen upon one of those moments when the interwebs almost seems to stand up & say to you “Hey!  Take a look at this!  This is basically the reason I exist!”  Well ladies & gentlemen this is one of those moments.  May I present to you:

A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything

To put it bluntly this video is freaking awesome.  Apparently it was done for some sort of art course & it got full marks & so it should have.  I know some people might watch this video & think “it’s ok” but I think you’ve missed the point.  This guy has turned something we all did as children into a full blown short film.  People win Oscars for short films.  And this is a GOOD full blown short film.  Sure it’s no Harvey Krumpet but neither was My Cousin Vinny & things still worked out pretty well for those guys.  Everything about this movie is great.  From the way the background is constantly shaking to the “critical hit” joke slipped so subtly into the Cretaceous period.  I wish everyone who made YouTube videos could be half as good as this guy.  Unfortunately we’re forced to sift through the collection of Sitting on the Toilet remakes that almost seem to be spreading so fast one is left to make they assumption that they have evolved sentience & a hyper active ability & desire to breed much like Maltese people in the 50s.  The general gist of what I am saying is I like this movie.  If you enjoyed it too leave a comment saying why.

Unless there is a next time.
Goodbye forever

Luke Venables
Left Handed T-Shirt Manufacturer


2 Responses to “A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything”

  1. Great work! It makes me wish to see a longer version. I am such a huge fan of the stop-motion sketch thing. Awesome. The end scene with the world panning out to universe panning out to The End was brilliant, and the sly little shout out to the Python at the end might have just made my night. Win!

  2. Reminds me of the start to ‘The big Bang Theory’ Show.. very cool!!!! And exceptionally clever!!! Some people just got loads of talent!!!

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