Super Bowl Time

If there’s one thing I love it’s the Super Bowl.  I have absolutely no interest in American Football.  I don’t even have a clue how that game is supposedly played.  In fact sometimes I’m suspicious as to whether even the players know how to play.  Every time they move they have to switch players.

Big Head Guy #1:”What do we do now?”
Big Head Guy #2: “I don’t know… let’s get those guys to do it.  Then we won’t look dumb.”

When you have 40 people playing on each side plus baton twirlers, fireworks, cheerleaders, security guards, streamers, marching bands & a massive crowd of onlookers that’s no longer a sport.  It’s a parade.  There is one good thing that always comes out of it though.  TV commercials.  This year Doritos have come out with a priceless one.  I haven’t actually seen many yet but no matter how many I see I’m sure this one will be considered among the top few favorites.  Enjoy.

Unless there is a next time.
Goodbye Forever

Luke Venables
Cupboard Lover


One Response to “Super Bowl Time”

  1. Hurray! Doritos make you badass. What a cute kid, I’d let him slap me around too. 🙂

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