The Road: An Apocalypse In Review

The Road

A little while ago I had the good fortune to win tickets to see the new movie The Road.  In my usual way I decided to give my completely uneducated opinion to the world about a movie made by people who have probably created more cinematic masterpieces than I’ve had hot pants.  Here is that opinion.

The Road: The Review

Executive Summary:
I loved it.

Ok first thing I have to say is that I don’t like dramas.  As a general rule I find them to be pointless.  They just seem like the life & times of someone less fortunate than myself who ends up getting a lucky break & living happily ever after or dying.  They just bore me.  Every now & then, however, you come across a What’s Eating Gilbert Grape or an Atonement & it makes up for all the rot your girlfriend has made you sit through to get to this point.  Well if you ask me The Road is one of those movies.

In my opinion everything about this adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel is spectacular.  Set in a world which has all but died out it tells the story of a man & his son trying to survive in the face of overwhelming really bad stuff.  To begin with I have to talk about the look of the film.  To me the look of the sets & landscapes is a minor part of the overall final product but it can make or break the film.  The design of The Road is bleak & drab & simply breathtaking.  The colour palate is very minimal basically throughout the movie consisting mainly of an abundance of grey with splashes of gold sprinkled in.  It might sound a little boring but it means every shot is almost a portrait & at the risk of over analyzing I think it stands as a great metaphor for the overall theme of the lives of the two protagonists.  It also means that when they use even the smallest amount of colour it is all the more striking.

The acting & dialog are two more outstanding achievements.  Viggo Mortensen & Kodi Smit-McPhee skillfully create a vehicle to carry the storyline pretty much everywhere it was meant to go.  There is nobody who sticks out as out of place or the weaker performer.  Sure there are characters whom you like more than others but that is because you are supposed to.  I loved the lack of sappy cheesy-ness presented.  There were no long overly dramatic monologues.  Just realistic, honest conversation.  This in no way prevents the whole story from being heartbreakingly depressing.  Seriously, even though no tears were shed I think I died a little inside every time something went badly.  Those of you who have read my previous blogs know I usually write with a fairly jovial style but making jokes in a review of a movie this grievous just seems like a drunk stripper at your Grandma’s birthday party; completely inappropriate & out of place.  Throughout it (the movie that is) you are constantly devastated about the circumstances & situations these two have to overcome but there are a some very touching moments which are absolutely beautiful.

That said this movie is quite heavy watching.  If you’re deciding between seeing this & something like It’s Complicated then maybe you should evaluate what kind of evening you want to have before choosing.

Who Should See It:
-People in the mood for something heavy
-People who like a bit of a cry
-Anybody who appreciates a well done movie

Who Shouldn’t See It:
-People in the mood for a comedy
-People in the mood for some action & romance
-Blind, deaf, overweight gardening tools

Unless there is a next time.

Goodbye forever.

Luke Venables
Iranian Surf Champion


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  1. I agree with everything you stand for apart from your unfounded discrimination against the less fortunate horticultural implements among us.

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