Lego: The Rebellion Is Coming

Is there anything Lego can’t do?  Yes, of course.  They’re lumpy blocks plastic but the list is getting shorter.  I have recently found a video that proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that Lego blocks are the greatest invention known to man & not only because you can create a multicoloured horse that looks more like a small puddle of something your dog coughed up or chew on them & leave those little teeth marks that invariably preempt a scolding from your mother because “you might swallow them & choke & then where will you be?”  No, now they have learned to do something that no human has ever figured out how to do:  Solve a Rubik’s Cube.

This video begs but one question.  Why are we not using Lego to solve more things?  Surely we could get it to start solving global warming or cancer or world hunger or something right?  Everybody knows that if you have solved a Rubik’s Cube you can solve anything.

Does anybody think they had a better toy as a kid than Lego?  Why not let everyone know by leaving a comment?

Unless there is a next time
Goodbye forever.

Luke Venables
Elephant Dermatologist


One Response to “Lego: The Rebellion Is Coming”

  1. I used to build farmhouses from du-plo.
    Du-plo is better. You can’t choke on it.

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