RickRoll’D Over & Died

Just a quick update to morn the loss of an internet great.  The original RickRoll’D video has been removed from YouTube, after over 30  million views, for “terms of use violations.”  If video killed the radio star then copyright infringement killed the RockRoll’D joke.  For those of you who don’t know, RickRolling is the art of placing a link advertising something like “hot chicks” or another subject relevant to whatever everyone else is talking about but actually sending the victim to a video of Rick Astley’s 1987 hit sensation Never Gonna Give You Up.  The joke was started in 2007 but some 4Chan users because it was believed to be the worst popular song in history & exploded into something that only the internet can explode things into.  One day we will have a name for this exploded thing but until that time I’m calling it a Technocalypse.

Since it’s humble beginnings the joke has been beaten to death in the worst possible way.  It has been more overused than the Chux in my kitchen which I refuse to discard until it has reached the legal voting age.  There have even been public RickRollings including:

& the more famous & widely lol’d Macy’s Day parade in 2008:

While many RickRoll videos still remain I am still saddened by the demise of the original & so with respect I would now like to have a moment’s silence.

RickRoll’D you will be missed.  Please leave your epitaph for the original RickRoll’D or your favorite RickRoll link in the comments section below.

Unless there is a next time
Goodbye forever.

Luke Venables
Perpetual Motion Machine Peddler

Edit: YouTube has reinstated the RickRoll’D video to it’s original glory stating that it’s removal was a mistake.  I’m sure they have really caved to public pressure. Viva la bad jokes!


2 Responses to “RickRoll’D Over & Died”

  1. They should make an awesome video of me and make people watch that instead.

  2. Paul Costello Says:

    i once downloaded a new episode of South park that was the opening credits and 21mins of Rick Roll on a loop! now i was pissd i would need to download again but i cant say i didnt laugh…

    but lets face it once a joke has become this over used its time to say good bye until it becomes a retro joke in 20 years

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