The Ad That Makes All Other Ads Stink

Welcome back ladies & gentlemen.  The post I have today is about something that has been bouncing around the interwebs for a few weeks now but I just haven’t gotten around to talking about it yet.  I am speaking of course of possibly the best ad to come on television ever.  I mentioned a few posts ago that I loved Super Bowl season for one reason; the ads.  They are great & if said post didn’t demonstrate it this one will prove it beyond any shadow of trout.  Here it is.  I present to you… this thing.

If you don’t think that ad is flat out awesome there may be something wrong with you but that’s OK.  I’m not going to judge you just because you’re fundamentally broken as a human.  That’s your cross to bear.  Personally I find everything about this ad to be hilarious & perfectly executed.  Find me one man who doesn’t want to smell like, look like & in fact BE that guy & I’ll find you a goat in disguise.  Seriously, do the words “human Adonis” spring to mind at all?  His name is Isaiah Mustafa & he used to be a pro NFL footballer & a restaurateur.  (Not at the same time.)  Thankfully however he is taken romantically because if he was single I think every other man on the planet would be too.  Who can compete with a guy who has the looks of a Greek god, the sporting prowess of a gazelle & the voice of James Earl Jones?  Plus he can cook!  If buying Old Spice gives me the slightest chance of being even a little like a guy that much more awesome than me well just point me to the smelly stuff aisle.  Perhaps almost as cool as the guy in the ad is the fact that it was filmed as one continuous shot.  The only CGI in it is the diamonds with the bottle of Old Spice rising form the centre.  Everything else was done with cranes, props & carry-onto-horsey-mobiles.  Now I think that’s pretty impressive.  Granted I’ve never filmed anything that didn’t involve the words “Merry Christmas” and/or “Luke turn that thing off you’re annoying everyone!” but I think my opinion is still a little valid.

I used to think Old Spice was pretty good.  The smell always made me nostalgic because one of the few memories I have of my grandfather is of him splashing me with their aftershave.  It wasn’t until my first year of university that I realised everyone’s grandfather wore it & that was apparently the way it was supposed to stay.  Now I’ve always found the idea of laughing at a man because of his choice in beauty products to be a little weird.  There is just something off putting about knowing that people were sniffing me in class.  It’s a little too Roxanne meets Cape Fear for my liking but nobody else seemed to agree so I had to at least appear to abandon my fondness of the brand & opt for scent-o-fitting-in-at-uni.  A.K.A. Whatever was cheapest.  This ad however has restored the dignity of Old Spice & next time I run out of something to make my body smell other than God intended I think I will make for the red bottle with the blue ship.

Like the ad?  Hate the ad?  Know of something else you want your man to smell like?  Leave a comment & let me know.

Unless their is a next time
Goodbye Forever.

Luke Venables
Civil War Spoon Shiner


4 Responses to “The Ad That Makes All Other Ads Stink”

  1. Paul Costello Says:

    1: who was smelling you in uni ? i dont recall people commmenting on how you smelled

    2: does any one else think that luke spends entirely to much time describe how awesomely good looking the guy in the ad is ? tell me you didnt find it a bit creepy too…yes he has valid points but theres alot of extra words used on how god looking this man is that didnt need to be used. Along with the Musical theatre your not doing your self any favors luke (yes its a gay joke, but the mine still has run dry on that one yet haha)

    3: touching part about your grandad and a sense memory 🙂

    4: did you lose your job ? is that why your blog is updated so often ?

    Keep up the good work luke 🙂


  2. Paul Costello Says:

    P.S. and yes its a truely awesome Ad

  3. mmmmmm…… Old Spice. We used to call it “Old Socks” because that’s what it smelled like if you let it go past the use by date. As for the STAR of the add – I think I was beaten up by someone like him when I was 9. I’m still not quite over it. The Horse looks great though…..

  4. Yep….you’re dumped.

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