The Lovers, The Dreamers & Me

Good morning/afternoon/evening/grief are you really going to wear that hat? ladies & gentlemen & welcome to another exciting, fun-filled, laughter inducing edition of The Ninja Chicken or, as they say in Italy, non parla Inglese.  For some reason the stranger who taught me that phrase refused to translate it for me.  Today I would like to share with you a blast from my past.

Chapter I: Tales of the Tinkerdee
You know when you were a kid you always had that TV show you couldn’t get enough of? You could watch it a million times & even though it drove your mother away & your father was having a nervous break down in the corner of the living room, you were more than happy to watch it “just once more before bed.”  Usually those shows grow weary with age.  Suddenly a guy throwing pies in the face of a man who has just gotten his suit dry cleaned doesn’t seem as edgy as it did back then.  However, every now & then you come across one that will always remain priceless.  For me, one of those rare shows was The Muppets.  In my not so humble opinion Jim Henson was one of the last truly great writers of children’s entertainment.  Who else could give us brilliant moments like this?

Or this little gem?


Chapter II: The Dark Crystal
A few years back I was working in a video store (to this day one of the most awesome jobs a nerd like me could ask for) & in a fit of nostalgia & boredom I decided to take the standard issue loop tape out of the store video display & put in a copy of the newest Muppet movie.  Many people thought the loud cracking noise was the sound of my heart breaking & while that sound was quite loud, it was over powered by the sound of the catastrophic destruction of my beloved childhood memories.  If you haven’t gathered from my ever so slightly over dramatised description of my emotions, I didn’t like it.  While the original Muppets were still & always will be a comic force to be reckoned with, the new shows lacked the punch of their now long distant forefathers.  The child inside me wept then kicked the neighbors cat & was promptly sent to his room.

Chapter III: The Paperwork Explosion
I had all but given up on the new Muppets but my good friend & stand-up comic Paul Costello recently asked me if I had seen their latest video.  I assumed he was talking about some new movie they had coming out & promptly told him how disappointed I had been with their newer works.  He then proceeded to point me in the direction of this.  For those of you too lazy to click on the link it is the Muppet’s YouTube channel & it has some absolutely hilarious work.  My faith in humanity has been well & truly restored.  Digitally remastered even.

Chapter IV: Pure Goldie
The discovery that one of my favorite things as a child has been given a new lease on life excited me so much it inspired me to do this blog post with one main objective; to spread the love of the new Muppets.

Cårven Der Pümpkîn
I’d like to start with a clip featuring one of everybody’s favorite characters.  The Swedish Chef.

It has been claimed that everyone favourite TV chef was based on a real life flesh & blood TV chef.  Several possibilities have been named but no one really knows.  In my mind that’s a good thing.  What if the real chef turned out to be American or French or even Australian!  I think we’d all be crushed.

Beaker’s Ballad
OK everybody loves an underdog but was there ever an underdog as under as Beaker?  This guy has lived through more explosions than Buster from Mythbusters… Let’s all enjoy one more shall we?

How can such an old joke that has been done so many times still stay fresh?  Perfection!

Bohemian Rhapsody
This is the pièce de résistance of new Muppets if you ask me & lets face it, it’s my blog so I don’t really care if you didn’t ask.  Finally, the combination of great rock & furry human sized puppets.  Enjoy!

Chapter V: That’s Life
As I said, Jim Henson was one of the truly great children’s writers.  There was a rare breed of artists that seemed to exist when I was young which just seems missing from kid’s entertainment today.  People like Jim Henson, Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl & Dr Seuss possessed an affinity with children that not only seems rare today but incredibly undervalued.  Perhaps being able to see the world through the eyes of a child with the hindsight of an adult is the true fountain of youth.

I will never forget the moment I found out Jim Henson passed away.  I remember it so well that I actually found it on YouTube by searching for direct quotes from the show I saw it on.  I was only 7 years old so I didn’t watch the news & I actually found out during the tribute show they put on for him.  To this day it makes me feel all goosebumpy.

Unless there is a next time,
Goodbye forever.

Luke Venables
Picture Book Reader Extraordinaire


2 Responses to “The Lovers, The Dreamers & Me”

  1. Brittney Gregory Says:

    That was soooooo funny, but sad as well! I love the Muppets 🙂

  2. lequoise Says:

    I got to admit, I didn’t expect the chainsaw.

    Love the muppets! I never saw the tribute to Jim Henson, but it was brilliantly done…I’m all emotional now!

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