Sketch Pad: Both Sexy and Complete

Hello and welcome back.  It’s been a while.  Before anybody gets excited this is not the triumphant return of The Ninja Chicken that the mainstream media has been speculating on for so long.  No, no.  I was fortunate enough to win tickets from Review Brisbane and as part of the deal I have to write a review.  Rather than writing one of those tiny 140 character reviews I thought I might take this chance to flex the old writing muscle and break the whole show down.  So without further kazoo I present

Sketch Pad: The Review


Executive Summary: It was freaking hilarious.

Review Proper: I guess I should begin this review the same way I do for all of my reviews; by telling you just how untrustworthy I am.  I knew one of the guys in this show so if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t tell you.  Who the hell are you anyway?  That being said, I honestly don’t feel the need to lie because, well as you probably read, the show was hilarious.  It was a brilliant evening of sketch comedy.

For those of you who don’t know, The Complete First Season and The Sexy Detectives are sketch comedy troupes.  Think Monty Python goes to Brisbane.  I found it interesting that the show was marketed as featuring two of Brisbane’s funniest sketch comedy groups.  The thing I found most striking about this was that it meant Brisbane had at least TWO sketch comedy groups.  Seriously, who knew?  That aside The Complete First Season and The Sexy Detectives are definitely two of the funniest groups in Brisbane.  If ill-fated TV shows like SkitHouse are any kind of indication then I would say that the troupes I saw tonight are two of the funniest in Australia.  Let me be clear, I LOVE sketch comedy but I find Australians don’t really seem to get it.  Most Australian sketches seem to be about how funny it is to be bogans.  Sketch Pad had exactly the right amount of bogan sketches; that amount being zero.

I felt the show was paced quite well.  It started out with the reasonably humorous and worked its way up to astoundingly hysterical.  I hope that doesn’t sound like the show wasn’t funny to begin with because it was.  It just kept getting funnier until eventually the opening sketches seemed like mild, one-line fart jokes in comparison.  I remember at one point I found myself thinking the show could benefit from some short, one-joke sketches and the next thing I know 15-20 second sketches started appearing scattered among the offerings.  I find a lot of times shows like this can have some very funny sketches but if the whole product isn’t well thought out the overall product stinks.  Thankfully, this was not the case with Sketch Pad.  The groups and numbers of people on stage alternated very nicely and each had its own individual style.  This prevented the show from becoming monotonous which could have easily happened even at its short 80 minute runtime.  I would also like to mention how impressive everybody’s character work was.  Everybody was believable in their portrayals and all accents were maintained to a standard that far surpasses most, larger-scale productions we get to see here in Brisbane.

As with any show, Sketch Pad was not perfect.  A couple of the sketches did fall a little flat and if I’m being honest could have been left out altogether.  While the show was reasonably short I don’t think it would have suffered if it was cut a few minutes shorter.  It’s not that the less funny sketches were all that bad but when placed against the super funny sketches they did stick out a little.

All in all it was a fantastic evening out.  Sadly tonight was the only night to catch Sketch Pad but if you get the chance to see either or both of these groups in the future make sure you take it up.  In all honesty I would love to see these guys get a regular spot somewhere… like TV.  Their sharp, intelligent wit is rare in Australian comedy and deserves a bigger audience.

Unless there is ever a next time,
Goodbye forever.
Luke Venables
Hipster Golf Pants Manufacturer


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