Red 2: The Sequel To That Awesome Funny Action Movie You Loved

Greetings green ones.  I’m not really sure what that means but I’m sticking with it.  So tonight I was out at a preview screening of Red 2 thanks to those wonderful folks at Review Brisbane.  In return I’m writing a review for them so congratulations to everyone I guess.  We’re all winners here.  But enough of the banter.  Let’s get right into…

Red 2: The Review

Red 2

Executive Summary:  It is fractal-ly sexy.  Each and every part of the movie is a sexy as the movie as a whole.

Review:  To begin with I have to say that the original Red is one of my favourite action movies so Red 2 was always going to have a difficult job living up to my expectations but if we’re getting everything out in the open I have to say… Red 2 is better than Red 1.  Yep…  There…  I said it.  So what?  You wanna fight about it?  Like I said, the first movie is brilliant but Red 2 is just paced better and more action packed.  That perhaps comes at the cost of a little of the light-heartedness but shut-up it’s an action movie.  I always found the first 20 minutes or so a little slow.  Right up until the point where Bruce Willis steps out of the car.  You know the one I’m talking about.  Well that initial slowness is just not there.  It does have a bit of a setup but the initial action sequence comes fast and like a boss.  In general I think this movie was more action focused.  It definitely still has that comedy edge that made Red 1 so much fun but it’s action scenes are where it really excels.  I also found that the action and dialogue was less contrived that the first.  Of course there were the obligatory one liners thrown out after someone takes a bullet or a bomb but it works a little better for me this time.    Just to round out the action segment of this review I have to say that Red 2 has something Red 1 just doesn’t; awesome martial arts.  If there is one thing I love in an action movie it’s lots of people taking well choreographed round-house kick to the face and Byung-hun Lee does not fail to deliver.  Seriously, there is this one part where he fights these guys and he’s all like “HAAAAAAAI-YAAAAA!!!”  It’s pretty sweet.

On that note I come to the next most important part of the movie, the acting.  If you haven’t seen the cast list of this movie it’s pretty phenomenal.  Willis is his usual awesome self, Mary-Louise Parker is cute as a button, Helen Mirren is sexy like a fox and John Malkovich is hilarious.  Of course it wasn’t all good.  I would say that the story is predictable but to be honest it has been done so many times I felt like I wasn’t so much predicting the ending as just remembering it.  That isn’t enough to detract from my overall enjoyment but I did notice it.

In conclusion this was a fantastic, fun night.  I can recommend this movie to pretty much everyone.  It has enough action, enough comedy and just enough romance to suit almost any tastes.  Definitely check it out.

Unless there is ever a next time,
Goodbye forever.

Luke Venables.
Official Corn Popper of the Western North Pole


One Response to “Red 2: The Sequel To That Awesome Funny Action Movie You Loved”

  1. The first one didn’t do much for me, but at least it tried to have fun with itself. This one just felt like a sad-sack attempt at doing so, and became a total bore. Good review Luke.

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